No Smoking Day
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Oh happy days!!

Oh I am sooooo happy hehehhe :D

I play on games, they have a new section which is the bingo, scratch cards type thing. Not my cuppa but, they offered me £5 for nowt so i thought ok cool, so there i am scratching these cards and first i get £20 Cool!!

Didn't bother to cash it up cos after the £5 comes out and then £1 fee i get like £14 figured i would rather continue on playing. Scratchy ~ scratch couple o quid here n there, then ...... £50!! :D W00t!!

Needless to say i have withdrawn the £50 and still got £12 to play with!

Rock on! why smoke when you can gamble!! hehehhe not really.

I won't spend any cash on getting more credits that is a promise but i got £50! quit while ahead :cool:

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Hmmmmmm.... Buffy promise you're not gonna exchange one expensive habit for an even more expensive one??


Think we need to hide the credit card Dickyboy????? careful. Gambling is such an addiction over here that we have clinics for it and "gamblers anonymous". It is as bad as drugs/alchlol/tobacco just as mind altering too. I live in native indian country so casinos are abundant on tribal land, and it is very prevelant here.

I think we may need to keep an eye on her u guys

Hugs and kisses



Dicky and Cindy,

I won't!! honest the £5 was a gift from them and i have no desire to spend any of my precious cash!!!

Are you mad lol!! i am too tight to be a gambler :D lollol £50 for nowt hehe i am keeping to that x x

Promise x x ~Buffy x x


Glad to hear it buffy! Just make sure you spend all your winnings on yourself as a present from you to you for the hard work you have put in, you hardened gambler you!:p


Hehe I know! Charlene! look at me lil miss gambler rofl

I only been to mecca twice before now i'm a pro! Ladbrookes here i come ;)

Sorry Joking!! I wouldn't Cindy promise you!

~ x x x ~

Dicky put my debit card statement down! trust me!! *pah* you guys!! :D

Oooh you know what Boudee, because the transfer goes into paypal account it will cost a bit more again to put in my bank. I think i am going to keep it in paypal and use it as Ebay vouchers :D ooh amazon takes paypal too i think oh internet shopping here i come lol

Was it loops who had a lawnmower delivered to her FLAT after drunken internet shopping? and nearly 20kilos of chicken?? must watch out for that hehe

Some craft stuff maybe crate of chardonnay hehehe, indeed posibilities are endless :D hehehe

Lol good to have a giggle with yous all x x x ~Buffy x x




:D Heya Cindy *Wave*

hope you had a good week end x x

~Buffy x x


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