Start of week 17

WEll Gang start of week seventeen and after my little scare this week I feel really great so glad to be alive. things have not bean easy in this quit but I think I may be coming to the end of the tunnell. Partner was quiting again last monday but only got to lunch time but said he is trying again next week I will keep you posted on that hehe. Off to work again now speak later LOts of love to you all stay strong Linda xxx

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  • :( oh dear oh dear! your common law hubby :D he's not really giving it his best is he!?

    What with you and the girls on top of it you'd think he'd try a little harder! perhaps you've looked after him too well, now he has to do this himself he doesn't know how!! hehehehe MEN!

    *hugs* grats on 17 weeks again please treat yourself to something very special after the week you've had you deserve a big treat x x x ~Buffy x x x

  • Hi Linda,

    Good job! You have to be very proud of yourself as we are!

    keep up the excellent work



  • Hiya Linda

    CONGRATULATIONS on week 17. I do hope i will make it that far.

    I want to get to the end of the tunnel aswell.

    Well done again

    Your an inspiration to us all.

    Barb x

  • GO LINDA !!!!!!!!!

    Love Karen X

  • Hey Linda

    What an absolute star... You do realise what an inspiartion you are to the rest of us don't you? respect mon, respect....

    Loopy XX

  • *HUGS* Karen x x x x great to see you x x x x

    Hope you are well x x

    ~Buffy x x x

  • Hi thank you all for your never ending support you are all great people.

    Karen thank you very much how are you babe?

  • Hi Linda and Buffy

    I am well thanx. (still managing to puff away - albeit only 5 or 6 cigs bad I know but hell of alot better than the 25 that I was used to back in May!!

    Guess once I manage to get over the fear of what happened last time I quit (zyban crap etc) I can go on to quit only this time I'll use patches or lozenges/

    Anyway I'll not bleat on. Must confess that I have fallen for Gok Wan ())from C4's

    do I look good naked) Yes I realise he bats for the other side but I think he's sOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO georgeous!!!!!

    Karen x:D

  • Hehehe

    Gok Wan lollol

    Man, he looks like he'd snap under pressure!! and i mean snap as in crrraaackkk ooops he's broke :eek:

    I think your beloved is spending too much time away from home :D

    Glad you are well and keeping it down to a minimum, it's going to make life much easier next time x x x

    keep in touch ~Buffy x x

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