No Smoking Day

Saturday is the day

Hi Buffy,

Thanks for the advice you gave last night, and the wand popped in to my head a few times today. :)

I'm seriously setting myself up for a date to quit. I want to be so proud of myself, I was thinking of Saturday. It gives me time at home, no work, so no distractions and stresses. :D

Yikes, but I'm excited too. I know for sure by reading this forum, that if you fail, you try, try again and no one judges you either way.

So, I've said it and therefore I won't go against my word. Ha! sounds powerful, eh? tee, hee!!

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Well done Bonnie

Once you start the ball rolling and get past the first few days things start to get easyer. You will have great support on here we are all here for the same thing to try and keep away from Mr Nasty Nic. So very good luck for sat Love Linda xxx


Hiya Bonnie x x

:D That's fantastic news!! I am very pleased and excited for you!

Here are some suggestions for a quit plan. To help your motivation and organise, for a head start.

Buy a calender to mark off your days so you can see your success.

Set aside a 'guilt free, retail therapy jar' to pop the money you'd spend on cigs into, to use for treats and your goal.

[INDENT]Tote up the money put in too so that even when spent you can see your savings.[/INDENT]

Make a list of things you can do instead of smoking ie walking, gym,keeping a journal, reading, painting etc etc stock up with necessary materials, phone for bookings etc

[INDENT]Also something portable for when you are out like chewing gum, ipod, etc and of course the all important car journeys :D[/INDENT]

Getting into the habit of sipping water helps with withdrawal symptoms as well as being very good for your body, energy levels and skin.

Deep breaths and closing your eyes and focusing on an image ie the wand :) may also help you to ease cravings.

Can't think of anything else at mo! :D but I hope you can salvage a few bits from that to help motivate you ~Buffy x x


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