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Day 18 starts tonight

Hi Everyone

Just wanted to let everyone know that my daughter had ante-natal clinic yesterday and is booked in for 16th july to be induced. I will be a Nan on 17th or 18th?. This will be my first grandchild ( boy ).:D

Not doing to bad today , not as good as yesterday though.

Still got cravings . Its hard, as hubby still smokes outside and i can smell it. Hmmmmmm.

Barb x

Didn`t notice earlier that i had become a member, no longer a junior. Where have those years gone.HAHA.

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Lovely news Barb

Just think you can give him a nice big smelly free hug. I know what you mean about hubby still smoking mine smokes in kitchen. most of the time the smell makes me glad i gave up but some times when he lights up after tea (you know the feeling ) But it only lasts a few minutes and its so not worth it.

Just think you can go shopping with some of the money you have saved and get lots of blue things ready not long now Linda xx


OOOH I can't wait!! *grats* Barb x x x x x x x

Your grandson will be born into a smoke free environment your daughter can't give him a better start than that x x x x x

Grats to you both again! ~Buffy x


Thanks Buffy and Linda,

I think she is naming him Daniel david.His weight is 6lb 4oz at the moment. Brilliant scans these days.

Went to smoking nurse today--carbon monoxide level is 2 (non-smoker).I still can`t say that i`m a non-smoker , more that i am a smoker giving up. She is really pleased with me.

Barb x


OMG this is awful!! I am getting Cyber broody :eek:

I have never heard of it before but hey ho it exsists!!

Daniel David is lovely :)

Great that carbon monoxide blow thing :D Gives you a boost and a real visual aid to see how well you are doing, Nice one ~Buffy x


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