15 weeks

Morning all today it has been 15 weeks and I have not had one puff. Off on my holidays 4 weeks today really looking forward first holiday I have ever had and I am 50 sad but true. Feeling much better than I have been this week. Hope your all well and smoke free oh yes and my parner said he is giving quiting another go on the 1st july. So thank you all for your support and bring on week 16 Lots of love Linda xxxx

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  • Oh you are going to love being on holiday in the sun :D


    It's kinda cool you go now after quitting, it's like a new you! I bet after this holiday, you'll be jetting off every 6 months! With 2 non smokers in the house you can afford it!!

    I am sure he'll be stronger next quit x x

    ~Buffy xx

  • How wonderful Linda!

    Have a good time, relax and enjoy yourself and CONGRATS on the not smoking!



  • hi there

    just curious on how your hubbie is doing? did he quit?:confused:

  • Hi Desteny

    He failed on the first but quit again monday he is now on day three so far so good thanks for asking. Linda xxx

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