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2 weeks-new member!


Hi everyone. I am new to this forum so excuse me if I don't get it right!! I stopped smoking 2 weeks ago and I am feeling mainly positive and upbeat about it. I had smoked for 38 years and had tried to stop several times. This time felt different. My husband stopped 6 months ago and although he didn't nag me at all, I really wanted to be free of the habit. I set myself a day to quit and then chucked out all the paraph****ia-rolling machine baccy papers and ashtrays-all went in the bin never to return. So, now I am a non-smoker! It feels good not to have to look for somewherea to smoke and not have to constantly thing about smoking! Actually, it has been quite easy to do and I am only getting occasional cravings now. I do have one worry though and I am wondering if anyone else gets this symptom. I feel really tired and a bit spaced out. From reading some websites, it seems that it is a symptom of cessation of nicotine but should only last about a week. I am still feeling it at 2 weeks-is this normal? Can anyone put my mind at rest on this one please? Many thanks, Maz xx

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Hi Mazzywoo,

Well I am on Day 16 now and use to smoke Drum tobacco (Roll ups).

I don't really suffer from any cravings anymore, and if I do get the urge I find it relatively easy to fight it off now.

However I am more tired than normal and my eyes feel weird. I work from home and have not really done anything substantial work wise for the last fortnight (The first week giving up I just accepted that, but now its starting to concern me).

However the main problem I have is that my eyes feel lathargic / slow to focus / hazy (Don't know how to explain properly). Before giving up smoking my eyes where absolutely perfect, now they are not.

I am wondering if this is ever going to get better, but this may be more noticable for me as I work with computers (Constantly looking at monitors day in day out).

Who know, who really cares, at least I have started to kick the habit (I have done all that I can do to ensure that smoking doesn't kill me).

And to everyone out there, keep pressing on with the no-smoking. :)

Hi Maz

Congrats on 2 weeks. I am on day 16 , same as Gav , except i had a slip up yesterday. Smoked 2 roll ups. I still get stronge urges to smoke.I smoked for 30 years.

I have not experienced this tiredness but do sometimes feel very much at ease , very peaceful feeling.I was wondering whether you feel like this if you go cold turkey. I am using patches and gum so still get nicotine.

By the way great place Taunton.I like your Asda:) . You are only up the road from me , well 40 mins drive.:cool:

Keep up the good work and keep posting. Lots of lovely people on here.

Barb x

Hello Maz and welcome x x

As you can see it is perfectly normal to still feel it at 2 weeks!

Everyone is different and the quits follow suit! here you will find people of similar experiences to help support you.


Well done on your quit Maz and welcome Linda xxx

Nice Work Mazzy....

This is a good crowd for lots of morale support. Keep up the goood work!


hey-thanks everyone!

Well! What a brilliant welcome to this site-you all sound like lovely people! It's good to know that I am not so abnormal as I thought with my sleepy feelings and spaciness. And Barb, I can go along with the peaceful feeling that you describe too. I have suffered with anxiety for many years and now it seems to be fading away. Could it have been linked with the smoking all along I wonder. Maybe part of the tired feeling is just my poor old bod relaxing after years of nicotine induced 'highs'? I will try to just enjoy it and not worry any more. Thank you all for putting my mind at rest.

I agree Barb-the Taunton Asda is very good. They have been extending it but I haven't been in since it's been done! Is it even better now? LOL

My daughter and her partner are stopping smoking on Sunday so I will recommend this site to them as well.


im on day 8, im on 16 hour patches so i dont wear them to bed. i too am soooo tired all the time, dont seem to matter how much sleep i get i just seem to need more. i wear glasses for certain things (astigmatism) and i have found i need to wear them an awful lot more at the moment. its odd cos i am still getting some nicotine with the patches but i guess its a lot smaller amount and im no longer getting the 4000 other chemicals, maybe these cause alot of the withdrawal symtoms and not just the nicotene.

you sound like your doing well, keep up the good work.

Hey , just dropped in here to congratulate you. As you may know I'm at the same stage as you.

I had the spaced out thing early on. I put it down to more oxygen in my blood making me feel a bit dizzy and light headed. Whatever it was it did pass, as will all the symptoms.

Keep going and keep us updated :p

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