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Oh No

Hi everyone

I feel really ashamed. I smoked 2 cigs this morning. I don`t know why , i just did. First one i enjoyed , second one i threw away half way through.

I felt sick and got a headache and quickly put a patch on.

Its taken me 3 hours to post this as felt so quilty.

I am now feeling much more positive about not smoking as i still feel sick and hope that its due to smoking.

I dont want to feel like this.

Gav---sorry mate to let you down.

Do i have to start on day one again or can i still post on week 3 (with a blip).

Sorry guys.

Barb x

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Hi Barb

Sorry about your slip But I sure you dont need to start again just learn by it and let it help you not to be fooled by nic again. Thinking of you Love Linda xxx


Heya Barb,

Oh please don't feel too bad x x you haven't let Gav down I am sure he'll agree! you feel you let yourself down, sure.It is a common thing to do and it's an important lesson for you, now when you think about cigs you'll remember feeling sick and dizzy.

You learned a lesson ~ it's part of your progress, you don't start again you've taken another step forward.

Onwards and upwards x x ~Buffy


Thanks Linda and Buffy

Feeling much more positive after your kind words.

Barb x


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