No Smoking Day

Day 15 (Start of Week 3)

Hi Everyone,

Just thought I'd mention the small fact that I am now in Week 3 of my no-smoking campaign.

And to everyone out there who is battling away against the evil weed, then believe me it's worth giving up.

For the first time in two weeks I felt no different today than I did when I was smoking.

Oh yes, there was one little difference, I wasn't slowly killing my self by smoking.

And as brutal as it sounds, thats the bottom line...

To all the no smoking campaigners out there, stay strong and hang in there. It definately gets easier and better, it's just a matter of time.

Hey Barb, what's it like being on Week 3...? :D

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Well Done Gav x x

You are inspirational x x Keep it up!

~Buffy x x x x


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