No Smoking Day

5 months

Am still here after 5 months. Have a couple of minor blips and 2 days on a big blip- ie 40 fags in 2 days, but have used that as a learning experience. They did me no good and infact made things worse. So here I am still plodding on, safe in the knowledge that I have smoked as many fags in 5 months as I would have done in 3 days. I think I have cracked it. So all u guys who succomb- dont beat urselves up, learn from it and it'll make u stronger. Now trying to cut down on the gum. I am a new person- its worth it, ps have saved a fortune too!

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You are an inspiration!!!!!!!!!!!!!



A do ron ron a do ron ron x x x

You did it! and showed everyone!!

I second the grinster! you are an inspiration x x

Well done Ron x x ~Buffy x x


Cheers dudes- how are u getting on?


HI Ron

Lovely to have you come back and let us know how things are You are doing great 5 months thats fab. We are all well here it will be 16 weeks for me tuesday Not one puff off the patches and doing ok. So glad your ok Love Linda xxx


Good to hear you are ok. My next step is to wean myself off the gum but I'll make it I'm sure.


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