No Smoking Day

Day 8* Difficult Standstill

Hi all i seem to be at a standstill atm. i can feel the need to smoke very strongly, its mostly a suction in my throat/chest area and my mouth waters :rolleyes:

Smelling my inlaws ciggy is heaven, which is typical isnt it.

I dont think ive feelt this need before, other then day 1, so isuppose this is some milestone i need to get passed, i just wish i could afford some coffee!!

Anyways right now it feels like it usually does on a typical day when ive run out of ciggies and the shops are closed.

Last time i quit i managed 15 months, but im gonna do it properly this time even though it feels like im not sure on my commitment from day to day


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Ive started to think a lot, which doesnt bode well for an OCDer, but im starting to think about weightloss/gain and quitting smoking, last time i lost weight cose i had my copious amounts of coffee, ive had a few meals extra the last 2 days and now im starting to wonder, yea ok that wont make me gain weight since im not a big eater, but what if the receptors for weight in my head grow dull due to nicotine loss and dont function as they shuld and therefor dont trigger wht my body needs to trigger fatburning. What if it all stops.

That would be annoying, maybe i shuld have my metabolism checked and see if it changes.


Wow 15 months!! what a champion quitter :D

Shame you ever went back but that just goes to show it never really goes away 100%

~ i do apologise, i am trying to reply here, my attention is not fully here because the kids are needing my attention >_< ~

Just so as you know we are here x x I will follow up again and reply later sorry ~Buffy x


Oh thats perfectly fine hun lol

anyways i needed to get something esle off my chest aswell


Im asexual aswell, whilst my boyfriend is all to happy to have more and at any time in the middle of the night. :(

I feel like a mean idiot for feeling this way but i do, i cant muster up anything more then nicotine crawings at the moment.


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