No Smoking Day

Day 14 (Kind of)

HI all,

Today is day 14, sort of. I had a relapse and smoked 10 cigarettes on day 11. I was too down. I couldnt work, I was sitting at my desk not being able to concentrate. I went home at lunch time to cry my eyes out! (and I am a big burly bloke. I am a lot more positive since the relapse and feel much better. Does this mean I am only really on day 2? It does seem alot better now.


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2 weeks in :D of course it counts, you didn't give up on all your hard work! you brushed your self down, got back on track.

Thats what counts!!

Well even Mr Burley needs to release it all sometimes x x

Glad your feeling better now, it is a rocky ol' ride that's for sure.

Worth every dip though and without lows we can't appreciate the highs x x

Keep up your strength ~Buffy x


hi there

dont beat yourself up, so you slipped up. its something that could happen to anyone of us on this site, so easily. you deserve to be congratulated for getting straight back on track again. WELL DONE!


Think long and hard about the day you smoked. Did you really enjoy smoking again? Was it what you expected?

Take that experience with you and learn from it.

"He who never made a mistake never made anything"


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