No Smoking Day

Start of Day 13

Hi Everyone,

Just a boring old progress report, now going to have an early night for once and feel happy about making it to the end of Day 12.

So then Day 13 for me tomorrow, fortunately I do not believe in superstition. It's just another step towards entering Week 3. Roll on Sunday morning.

And to all the no smokers out there, try and keep a positive mental attitude. When you stand in front of the mirror in the morning and look at your reflection its down to you whether you start the day with a happy positive approach or a miserable negative approach.

Funny that, started typing the message in Day 12, got side tracked with work and ended up in Day 13...

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10 mins to go for me.

I have just finished wallpapering a bedroom , absolutly shattered, going bed now to watch telly.

Hope your sons birthday went well.

Keep up the good work



Good morning to you both

Welcome to day 13 only tomorrow now and you have done 2weeks. Its Like counting the days in jail init Well I imagine hehe. Your both doing really well the time do pass and things get easyer thank god haha. keep it up speak soon off to work now Love linda xx


I am so proud of both of you!! Keep up the good work and be proud of each day accomplished




Lo Gav x x

Welcome to Day 13 :eek:

Yeah please give us a post on your boys birthday :) would love to hear about it x x

Is there something special said about children born during summer solstice?

Have a great day x x


Hi Buffy,

I think a child born during the Summer Solstice is a little bit more satanic then normal.

We live in a bungalow and our entrance hall follows the pitch of the roof right up to the top (its a good 20ft high).

Now by accident my beloved 5 yr old Son started chasing Megan today through the bungalow (Megan is my fluffy cat, which I adore...).

During the chase my son was carry two birthday helium filled balloons and one was released by accident in the hall way and quickly went up to the top of the ceiling (20 ft up).

Now I watched the whole thing and decided that it was an accident so I decided to get the ladders in and mount a rescue expidition to save the balloon. After 30 minutes the balloon was rescued and my son was once again happy with his two balloons.

I put the ladders in the garage and carried on my business. While walking through the lounge into the hall I noticed my son releasing both Helium balloons in the hall again on purpose. As he released them he looked up and to his surprise saw me looking at him. He then proceeded to start a fake crying fit over his lost balloons and demanded them back!!!!!!

Needless to say he went to bed, the balloons are still at the top of the hall way and I enjoyed Dr. Who with a nice chilled glass bottle of Coca Cola.

Now after that anyone who disagrees with my satanic remark is obviously somewhat mentally disturbed or has not experienced the devious tricks of a 5 year old child.





Little monkey! what are kids like?! man, they turn our lives into ongoing sitcoms!

I didn't get much of Dr Who last night Too hectic! we had a take Out :D

Chinese hmmmm after being out all day it was the only choice hehe

So will try and watch it in peace tonight lol you been watching that jeckyl too? thats pretty cool.

take care ttfn ~Buffy x


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