No Smoking Day

Day 7* One Week!

I feelt the need to join a stop smoking forum today, cose i feelt the crawings hit me especially hard.

Day 1-5 I had mouth blister , dissyness and a mock cold with dry mucus membranes all over yes ewwwe + the mad cravings.

Now at day 7 im doing alright although since ive run out of money and coffee im craving a lot more then normal, i really need them coffee kicks.

I crave a cupple of times a day normally, always after ive eaten or when im having tea.

Im glad ive not given in and had any ciggies, thought i wouldnt panic if i did.

Have you guys all noticed how much more everything tastes?!!!

i cant have much salt/sugar these days cose it becomes too much

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Hi Psilome,

Congratulations on your no smoking campaign, I use to drink about 6 to 8 cans of Coca Cola a day, and since I stopped smoking I have switched to Coffee. The Coca Cola doesn't taste the same as before which is a good thing as I always use to smoke when drinking it also, so I broke probably my worst habit as well.

So yes, there are quite alot of foods that I can taste the salt and / or nuts in now and there are alot of foods that I now dislike.

But there are plenty of foods that I still like, McDonalds, Burger King, Pizza Hut and the list goes on... :D


YAY therse hope for me yet then! :p

Its a dubble edged sword that i wont go off mcdonalds, i wouldnt mind if i did since its so expensive and so easy to get :rolleyes:

but im glad i wont go off everything, i find myself loving sour stuff especially these days, i always have but its even more pleasurable now.

Im having a hard time with coke aswell, but coffe sertainly does hit the spot :D



day 6!

oh my god. never thought i'd get this far. can't believe its been a week tomorrow that i smoked my last ciggie. i really need my patch today & already had 4 lozenges!

well done & good luck to all of you. i never thought it could be done.

see you on day 7!!

cheryl x x


Grats cheryl :D nearly 1 week under your belt, thats the biggest hurdle jumped, Well Done ~Buffy x x


its my day 7 today as well :eek: :)

god its gone so quick!

need to get more patches today from the chemist and im off work tomorrow so i think ill go out and treat myself, i think i deserve it :rolleyes:

at work this morning my colleagues had to go outside and smoke as the smoking room door is now locked forever! :D

its blowing a hoolie here today! haha

im soo happy!


Congrats Muzzy on a week.:cool:

You definatly deserve a treat. Keep rewarding yourself.

Barb x


Grats muzzy :D x x x x

I have ventured out with my daughter and enjoyed a sunday roast in the pub!! hehehe cool!

It was busier outside than in and here is well windy too!! hehehehe

Ah tis sweet tis very sweet :D

We can now go enjoy a drink without temptation

~Buffy x x

P.S Enjoy your day off and spoil your self rotten!! you do so deserve it x x


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