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No Smoking Day
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I Got Lethargic & Im Only 26

Im Johanna and im 26yold, i quit smoking 7 days ago.

I knicked my first cigg from my mother when i was 7 and i was addicted by age 9.

The first day was nearly umbearable with the dissyness, but other then that day ive been alright. Ive had a mouth sore thats no healed but it was very annoying for a cupple of days.

I guess i joined here today because right now im really itching for a cigg. Mostl likely cose weve run out of coffee and money at the same time, which makes me a very jumpy girl :wink:

um.. i thought id post some about my cons/pros and hopes for the future when it comes to my addiction.

So since im not on any patches or gum, cose i know this only gets me addicted to them insted (im special :? ) Im fighting the receptors in my brain im told, cose many of them love the nicotine and im not providing.

Ive tried to quit 2 times before, i have my sights set on 3d times a charm.

Why i want to quit:

d**ned expensive. (4£70p)

Boring, only one kick a day , if lucky.

Its a habit i cant controll so i need to rid of it.

I dont enjoy 9 out of the 10 ciggies i have a day.

I can survive on 2 cigges/day on weeks when im broke so whats the point.

Why i can do it:

Simple, Im FED up!

I know all the mistakes you can make so i can avoid them.

If i have a fallback then i know its just "get on the wheel again" bdds taught me its 3 steps forward and two back.

No overreacting.

It only gets as bad as you let it, it is mind over matter I know cose ive been here twice before. If you dont REALLy wanna quit it is harder and the withdrawals are worse.


Im noticing my teeth are looking better already! not that they were bad but their looking healthy.

Im feeling more skittish which im sure i can work with and channel.

It does get easier each day, but you forget about that when the after dinner crawing hits you.

Longterm nicotine addicts get a yellow tint to their eyewhites, Mines gone now! Healthy eyes!


Blister in mouth .

Mock cold.

Dodgy mucus membranes all over.

The dissyness that hits me sometimes.

Icky slimey cough.

Slight shake in my hands.

Irritable, but nowhere near as nasty as my boyfriend whos alsow quitting, i suppose im just not a mean pregnant dog who would dtake it out on others

Oh yea did i mention, bitterness

Dare To Dream

Not to gain weight, which i seem to be managing fine

Looking forward to bright teeth.

More money= clothes= anything i like = me happy

Being active again and be able to afford to be.

Going out friday nights!!!!!!

7 days on: Mock cold and dry mucus membranes have reduced and gone away.

Im not so shakey anymore, and only light headed once or twice a day, and its not a coincidence its always after food when im used to having a cigg to settle my stomach down.


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Hello Jo x x

Welcome to the site, wow! what a post! :D

Well done on your quit! tomorrow will be your 1week mark that's pretty good going :D

You have this quit stuff pretty clear in your mind so no worries there, at the start of your post you said you felt twitchy for a cig, I bet after you typed out all that you felt much better :D hehehe

Have you tried a cessation person from the chemists? they're pretty good if you need help and advice on a one to one basis, I used them when I had my longest quit before.

Well anyway, hope your feeling good and keep us posted x x

~Buffy x


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