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Checking in


I dont think I have posted since week 2-- But am proud to say i have made it 13 weeks now smoke free and nicotine free. Can't say I haven't had cravings and recently it seems I have the cravings quite a bit. The only thing that stops me from grabbing one is the fact I know it will taste like shit and make me feel worse for losing 13 weeks off the ugly weed. Plus whats the point. I really view them that way now.

I am committed to stopping for good, but why the continued cravings at times. I still actually check my car and make sure I have mi cigarettes before realizing hey stupid you dont smoke. I thought habits were broke in 3 weeks time according to the experts??? I thought after three months I may have a craving if they are in front of me or someone is smoking near me -- but to be just driving and a trigger is annoying.

It is really wierd though I have more cravings in week 13 than I did in week 6-- this happen with anyone else.

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Heya x x

Indeed your habit was broken after 28 days, I mean really is it something that wouldn't feel awkward about if you suddenly put it back into your routine??

It's the old mind trying again !! now it has been so long it's easy to forget how strong those craves were before, the ones you get now really are minuscule in comparison, it's just you haven't had big craves ~ so now these feel big! do i make sense?!

it's just that they aggravate you because it's tiresome x x

It was around 15 weeks for me i went from feeling like you do, to waking up one day and thinking, 'Oh! i haven't wondered about smoking since? oh i can't remember!'

Well done on your 13th week x x x keep it up x x x x


Thanks Buffy --for the support. I agree---They are miniscule cause i dont care that much but they do seem bigger at the same time. Just part of the addiction I guess-- more reason to never start again.

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