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Day 17

Well its day 17 and I'm feeling a bit bewildered:confused:

I'm so pleased that all the nicotine is well out of my system by now and I'm feeling rather proud of myself to have got this far....

..... but I I'm finding it harder now than i did before to cope with the hand to mouth thing.... is this normal on week 3? Shouldnt this be getting easier and not harder? I'm eating loads and unfortunately because I have IBS I have a bit of a problem with fruit and veg and basically anything than is supposed to be good for me sets me off!!! Result is I seem to be constantly eating sweets or ice lollies and heaven knows i really dont want to be putting on too much more weight since I already needed to lose some before i started this quit:(

So come on Buffy ur always full of good ideas and Linda ur always very encouraging and supportive ... I need u now girls cos I'm not ready to fail in this quit but I'm feeling a bit lost and not as motivated as I was somehow:o

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Hello Dragon fly x x

You are doing so well and it is normal to lull at this time, you don't really feel worse than before it's just irritating that you do still feel it.

Honest if you really think back to when you was a smoker and you had no cigs left and couldn't get to a shop etc I am sure you felt a lot worse then than now!!

It will help to write out a list of things to do and rewards again as in the early days, this is just a new stage and it will pass I promise x x

As for snacking try breadsticks and dips, a nice crusty loaf with butter hmmmm maybe bake your own breads with different ingredients thrown in to suit, that will occupy your mind and kneading is great for stress reliefe and keeps your hands busy :D

Keep up your strength x you have come so far and your mind is playing games, shut it up and continue onwards and upwards x x



Buffy.. How did u get to be so wise?

You're right of course its not actually worse its just the same ...the difference is that i expected it to be worse at the beginning and get better as my quit went on and so far it just hasnt got better.

As for the feeling when u run out of cigs and theres no shop open .... blimey its only been 17 days and I'd almost forgotten wot that felt like .... but of course its not really forgotten I just needed to be reminded of it. Well thats probably reason enough for me to pick myself up and carry on.

Those poor people who still smoke .... having to go thru that panic and anxiety just for the pleasure (?) of smelling like an ashtray, looking like a fool , and not being able to run for a bus let alone a marathon !!

(not that I have any big plans to become a marathon runner in the near future ,but the idea of doing the race for life for the me that would possibly have ended up with cancer had I still been smoking seems like a good idea to me).

Glad to hear that this lull is normal your advice as ever seems spot on except for the bit about baking my own bread.... cos while the idea of taking oyut my frustration on the dough is appealing i cant honestly say I would be likely to want to risk the food poisoning that would probably result!!! My cooking is so far off gourmet its unreal lol!!!


Hi Dragonfly

When i gave up 2 years ago , day 17 , 18 and 19 were my hardest.

I was also told yesterday that week 3 is hard.For some ,cravings never go away. A woman i work with has quit for 5 years but still wants one now and again.All i do is keep repeating to myself I DONT NEED ONE, until the crave is over. I also find reading the quit stories very touching and puts everything into perspective.Another tip i got from here was to go on mytube and watch mouth cancer videos. Its disgusting and will put you off smoking.

I also need to lose weight ,but will concentrate on that when i have this smoking lark under control.

Please dont give in.Try and stay stronge and get through the next few hours.

As Buffy says --Hour by hour.

Good luck.

Barb x


Thanks Barb for your reply :)


am practising see?!

Reminds me of a story my Mum used to tell me when I was little about a little train trying to get up a big hill saying I THINK I CAN I THINK I CAN

HEY I guess that still applies too looks like my mums sill helping even tho shes not around anymore


Ok Ok drop the Baking bit


Glad I helped ~ Buffy

as barb says the weight etc needs to be put on a 'back burner' (hehe see the pun see what i did? hehe) Keep up Barbs mantra and hold your head high ~Buffy x


Hi All

A friend of mine who give up years ago she said when she had a crave she had a drop of jif lemon. When i had a bad crave in the begining I rolled up a bit of paper and smoked that its better than a straw took it every where with me try it it do make you feel better Good luck Linda xxx


Heya Linda x x

Jif lemon thats a funny one?! hehehe guess the sourness is a shock to the system and you forget?!

Nice to see you online x x Unfortunately i got to dash and grab those sweet angels of mine :rolleyes:

Take care and keep me posted did you hear about the assessment yet? catch you later x x


Hi Dragonfly

Well I apologize for butting into the conversation but in my infinite wisdom (which in reality isn't much, probably cause I'm a man) I would say stop worrying about your food intake for the short term and just focus on your superb no smoking campaign (Which I followed closely in the first few days, just before I started).

I should imagine that putting on weight is a bit of a concern but you have got to ask yourself. In a couple of months would you want to try and lose weight or try to give up smoking again??

I say one job at a time, Smoking first (As you've done so well at it so far), and to be totally honest with you, if you can give up smoking then losing weight in a month or so will be a breeze for you.

Now onto important matters (after all I am an expert in the food department)...

Jif Lemon...

Let me think...

Don't rush a master chef when he's thinking...

Got it...


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