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No Smoking Day
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Day 12 (nearly)

Hi to all

Thanks to everyone for replies to my day 11.

Gav-- Glad to hear from you. I thought i had upset or annoyed you in some way as you did not answer when i posted to you.:confused:

As for you folding before me, i have so nearly smoked many times . I still have bad cravings.:mad:

I went to the smoking clinic today and was given the gum as well as the patches. Apparently week 3 is hard so I`m hoping this might sort me out.

I confessed to them that i love smoking, am missing it , didn`t want to give up but had to because of health.It sure is a battle, but one i want to win.

I do feel more healthy and with the support on here , we can both do it.

Buffy and Linda---Thank you for kind words and continual support. Its much appreciated and needed and also Whiteboy , thanks and hope you are doing well.

Love Barb x

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Hi Barb,

Sorry for not replying to one of your posts, must of missed that one or miss read it. Sounds like you have the same problem as me, I never smoked to be social, I don't go to pubs, when I am out socially for a meal or another event then I wouldn't smoke near anyone as I believed back then it was a filthy habit. However what I did enjoy was getting to the end of my working day (normal about 9-10pm) sitting in my office doorway with a nice cold drink and a cigarette (Contemplating life :D ).

Now if it wasn't for health reasons and the fact it will probably kill you then I'd quite happily smoke.

Now I am sure someone will come along and tell us that its the addiction making me think like that, but at the end of the day I enjoyed it.

I am just not prepared to die over it, hence why I am stopping, maybe when I am 70+ years old and my kids are settled I'll have a quicky now and then but while I am young and people need me, then it must stop.

The first question that anyone should ask a smoker is "Is it worth dying for?", and I think everyone would say NO...

Anyhow, looks like I'll be seeing you in Week 3 on Sunday.

Buffy, I do apologize for this but I am feeling the need to visit Burger King, didn't realize that they had a small breakfast menu between 10am and 11am.

I promise that this is the last take away for a very very long time. ;)


WTG Barb!

Congrats on day 12 Barb you're doing really well and we are all proud of the way you are resisting those urges . We'll soon be seeing you on the week three board I'm sure!!:D

Rofl @ GavVikMeg's comment to Buffy re Burger King:D


Infamous week 3 x x

It is really common to feel this way at week three, it is like you have quit and the novelty wears off, then wallop it's like a ten ton truck, suddenly it's forever and everyone seems to ease off because you have sussed it now.

You have eased off with the treats and busyness or it's all become norm and everything has settled ~ but you still ache.

Go with it and keep rewarding yourself x x it will pass and it doesn't feel as bad as it did before, just your mind forgets how bad it felt.

renew your list of things to occupy yourself or think of new things to do, new rewards and still keep storing up the smoking money to treat yourself.

Take deep breathes and remember why you quit and how awful smoking really was, stay focused and strong x x

~Buffy x

Rofl @ Gav

You naughty boy! :p


Let me know what the breakers menu is like! :D


I cannot comment on the Burger King breakfast menu, didn't get that far... The car automatically pulled into McDonalds so I had to have:

1 x Double Sausage and Egg McMuffin Bun

1 x Hash brown

1 x Regular Coca Cola

1 x Coffee (Nearly got six stickers on my customer loyalty card for a free coffee).

It may have cost me the best part of £30.00 but I get a free coffee. :D

On a brighter note it's my son's birthday today (5 yrs old) and I cannot wait for him to get back from school this afternoon.

Homer Simpson Birthday Cake from Tesco's (My Favorite) :D

Now based on that I have decided to skip lunch today (Got to think of my figure...) and we should all remember the saying "A moment on the lips a life time on the hips".

Well after another successful start to the day, time for some work (With a can of Red Bull, and a man size Yorkie (Not for Girls).... Hmmm Nestle! Chocolate).


Oh and I forgot to mention it...

Since I stopped smoking I have lost three quarters of a stone (10 lbs) :D

How cool is that...

Must be something to do with my new improved diet... However maybe I should consider eating I little bit more.


I cannot comment on the Burger King breakfast menu, didn't get that far... The car automatically pulled into McDonalds

WOW Your car is Kit!!! :D


hope enjoyed your bird sized breakfast >_< wowsers how you losing weight?!

Aw happy Birthday to your boy x x hope he has a great day.

That homer cake has done the rounds here too hehe

Tell me what you bought him and let us know how he received them. I love watching my kids open presents! brings tears to my eyes! I want a full birthday blog!!

PLan for over excitedness though it can be a tad stressful hehehehe

~Buffy x


That's funny :D

Looking good dude :D hehehe


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