No Smoking Day

Its that time again

Hi all i am back and this time i mean business.

Sorry to you all for getting to day 5 and then having a smoke (waste of time had a couple for a couple of days and boy did i regreat it, was like i was on 20 a day again)

Going to do 5 weeks on patches (only 5 weeks as i have only been smoking

about 8 per day for the last 4 months.....

16hr x 10mg x 4 weeks

16hr x 5 mg x 1 week

Here we go 1st day is coming to a end and its all good:D

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Welcome back White x x x

The 'get up brush yourself off, try again' attitude is the way to go !!

Well Done! you have now learned that going back after quitting isn't as glorious as you imagine x x sure this quit will be the one x x


This time is my last time (i hope)


Hi Whiteboy

Hope your feeling and doing well.

I had a good day to start with. I have a terrifying fear of thunderstorms and as it thundered 2day all my mind was thinking about was thunder, so no time to think about fags. Now the weather is better i`m thinking about fags again.

I can`t seem to shift the feelings of really wanting a cig. I have to fight my urges on and off all day, yet 2 days ago i was fine.:confused:

Oh this is really hard work.I hope it gets easier soon.

Anyway you keep up the good work ,

Barbara x


Welcome back Whiteboy,

Hook your seatbelt and get ready for the roller coaster ride. We got the safety net underneath ya!



Least your back on track whiteboy. Leave the guilt and all the other stuff in the past where it belongs. Freshstart! YOU CAN DO THIS.

I have now gone 7 days without a cig - NEVER thought I'd do it. Day 3 was absolutely awful but taught me a lesson 'crap days are only 24 hours long'. Twice I was dressed with money in hand ready to buy cigs, twice I didn't make it thank goodness.

Do what your doing whiteboy keep posting and stay strong! We are all rootin for you. X


Hi Whiteboy,

Like they say, practice makes perfect. Think of your last try as a practice session - now it's for REAL.

Two things kept me going when I got the 'urge' for a ciggie. One was to pretend I had just had one (even a smoker doesn't smoke ALL the time). Another was to go and clean my teeth. I would rejoice in how fresh my breath was, which would serve to remind myself why I was doing it.

Hope this helps. Keep up the good work.


Thank you all for your kind words


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