Day 13

Feeling much more positive today:)

Buffy the retail therapy jar idea is brilliant .... ok I said I might save for something big but....... well I had great fun went shopping with my elder daughter and bought some beautiful bedding and a couple of outfits ... all things I couldnt have bought if I'd still been smoking!!!

Wow this "money to spend" thing is so much more fun than the old " money to burn" habit :D


3 Replies

  • Hehe yes it is such a good feeling, guilt free shopping!

    Just be sure not to be spending on your darling daughter keep the therapy to yourself :D lol

    Nearly 2 weeks! and already you can reap the rewards! and if you look at your face i am sure you will notice your skin has more colour and looks generally healthier too!!

    Welcome to the new you :D ~ Buffy x

  • Hi Dragon

    Well done almost two weeks thats great see how the time flys

    Keep it up your doing great Linda xx

  • Hi Dragonfly - moving on week 3 - brilliant .... it is the best thing I've ever done!!!:) Feel proud - you should..


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