No Smoking Day


yay, i'm on day 8, into the second week and i'm feeling proud of saying no!

felt stressed to shit earlier when i sat a gcse maths exam which i most certainly failed, but either way my main achievement is ditching the fags.

each day i feel loads better. :)

my foolish friend eleanor lit up, even though she is not completely addicted. anyway, the computer is being taken off me now.

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Ah my eldest has just sat that exam too :D

Guess they release them at the same time all over the UK so as no one can give anything away to others.

Well Ethan and day 8! those words are music to my ears, I am so proud you have continued so well x x

Well it's hard to tell people when so young that they are foolish :rolleyes:

But Tell eleanor from me that she is being a fool! 'cos she can 'not smoke' much easier than most and thats the best time to not smoke! :D

If you could do a scrooge thing and take her into the future where she gets addicted and is being visited by her kids n grand kids and is hooked up to oxygen and housebound smelling of wee, it could help, Can you do that?

Well done Ethan !!

P.S sorry about the exam though :(


Well done pet

Lets hope my eighth day occurs.


Bloody well done hope i will post in there in 7 days:)

And keep us all informed



well done in deciding to kick this bad habit! i wish id quit when i was as young as you!


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