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No Smoking Day
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Day four

Wow, I'm on day four! Still feel very dizzy (which is good, this is all the extra oxygen reaching my brain!). ;)

Sometimes I still feel snappy, sometimes I feel a bit low but yesterday something happened: I was reaching for something in my handbag and I realised that the bag really stinked of cigarettes!

Oh my god, so it's true that smokers "smell like ashtrays"! and with my new-and-improved sense of smell I could smell that!

This was a great lesson and a great confidence-booster. If I have another craving I'll think of the handbag and its (awful) smell!

Thanks for listening, this is a great forum and it really helps to share!

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Keep up the good work :)


Hi Silviam66

Well done for getting to day four. Know what you mean about the smell My partner stopped then went back on them Now it is awfull the smell and I am sure he is smoking much more hehe Keep Up the good Work Lindaxxx


Isn't it wonderful to be able to smell again. My sniffer isn't back 100% and I don't think it ever will be but I can smell things that I haven't smelled in years! I don't have to sleep with a fan in my face anymore either because I breathe so much easier. 3 MORE DAYS AND I WILL BE MARRIED......EEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK :eek: :eek: :eek:



Congrats Cindy

HI Cindy

Ber your really looking forward hope you have a really fab day. Dont forget to come back and tell us all the goss. All the best to you both Love Linda xxxx


Ah silviam! i had the same thing!!

I noticed my bag smelling too lol

Guess what I did?

I went spent my saved ciggies monies on a new bag :D

I still get that through things now, i got on a coach today it was non smoking but I could smell this old stale smoke smell. Is it the smokers that have a trailing smell?

I bought out some of last years summer clothes stored away for the kids and i could smell smoke on them! even though they were washed before stored, i smoked last year and i could smell it!

You are doing so well !! keep it up x

For every reminder that makes you cringe thinking you may miss that *yucky* smoking!

you can find at least two matching reasons to make you smile for not smoking x


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