No Smoking Day

Almost 4 weeks! (and a thank you)

Well here I am almost 4 weeks in and finally registered here :D I have been an avid reader though and I feel this forum and the many helpful posts on it have been of huge support to me with my quit.

Whenever I felt like I couldn't hang in there any longer I would quickly jump online and go through the inspirational posts by people who have already been through hell and it got me back on track. Thanks guys!

Anyway, almost a month now of cold turkey and I feel pretty good, I still feel like a smoke occasionally but it's easy to just dismiss the idea and say "no!" now. The first week was definitely the worst, with the first 3 days being a living nightmare.

To anyone out there reading that is considering quitting but is uncertain or maybe a tad can do it, you just have to want to quit. :)

Edit: Just wanted to add that i'm 30 and smoked for 15 years.

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Hello Rob x

Thank you very much for posting x

It's now your turn to be an inspiration to others! :D

Congratulations on your step forward into your second month of being a non smoker x x

Keep it up and keep posting !!

Buffy x


Well done Rob and keep us all informed:)


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