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Im so sorry

Hey guys

Well, i too have crashed and gave in to the bastard ciggarete companies. Im not going to bore you as to why i did it, but i had alot of stress tonight and i could not cope with it, having a smoking friend with me this afternoon did not help either, but i will not blame him, i gave in, it was my own fault and i do apologize. I went 20 days without smoking and am so dissapointed in myself. I will try again very soon and i will beat it. You guys are awesome and I will post again very soon in the week one box. Take care

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chin up Harpe

Well 20 days thats very impressive and u now have all that experience to help u next time.

You had 20 whole days of not giving in , smelling sweeter, being healthier and richer and no-one can take that away from you you did it all by yourself!!!

Weren't u on Zyban along with kazza? Been reading both your posts cos i'm on it too

Hearing the disappointment and anger in your post i reckon it won't be too long till you've gathered up your resolve and we see you back here again.

I'm only on day 2 and i want you to know that reading your posts and those of others have really helped with my motivation so i wanted to say a big thankyou to you for that.

Dont give up giving up just take a break dust yourself down and we hope to see u back here when ur ready:)


HI Harp

Dont beat your self up mate it could happen to anyone of us. We will be here when you need us 20 days thats something to be proud of Linda


Hey harpe x

Don't drive yourself mad, you still 'didn't smoke' a lot of cigs!

20 days worth, now you know you can and what to expect, your slip has taught you what to avoid and what you did right and wrong.

Use all the information to adjust accordingly and plan your next quit.

When you're ready to quit again you will be stronger and wiser x x

Keep in touch and never give up giving up



Thanks for the kind words everyone.

Im back on zyban, went back to my doc and have decided to give it another shot this weekend when things cool down a bit. Miss being a non smoker :o


Hi Harpe Glad you're back with us..I know how hard it is in stressful times but I'm so glad you've decided to stick with it. If this helps I too had some major stress at the weekend but didn't actually crave a fag (mind I was about 20 miles from the nearest shop:D ) - no honestly you do get to a point where you know it won't actually help - honest!!!

Stick with us..



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