No Smoking Day
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Day 14

First of all i apologize for whining so much on here lately :D Good lord, i reread some posts of mine, so sorry on that haha. One more whine... Pleghm.. and sore throat... a nasty combo.

I actually just about bought a pack of smokes today, so tempting, yet, i didnt. this is getting easier, being around people that actually smoke and now i found myself being a nag to them, gotta watch myself on that. Just checking in before i head to work, happy smoke free day my new friends :)

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Hiya Harpe x

You can whine n moan all you like, that's what we're here for :D if we can't have a good ol' moan here were can we?

Keep up your strength x x x x


Hi all - I personally prefer a good 'wine' and moan!!!!!

Loopy XX



im with you on that loopy. im craving a smoke right now, i even had a BAD thought of just having one lil drag, but no that will lead to my 14 days of smoke free gone. argh, wheres my carrots :D


someone mention wine?!


Hi Harpe

15 days today dont give up now your doing great Linda


I got the CHEESE hehehe



I'll grab the grapes and another bottle or two :D


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