Day 6 aleady!!

This has got be a turn up for the books. I never usually last more than 5 days! Still think about fags 24/7 though although now I can rationalize it by

thinking that just having one would ruin my 5 days so far. ok so they aint exactly alot but they have been bloody hard worrk and I,m damned if I am going through them again. However I would like to know( from all who have a longer quit than me) when does one stop thinking about fags all the while



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  • Morning Karen

    You are doing so well the first week is the worse and you are almost over that give your self a big pat on the back. As for thinking about them 24/7 I know what you mean I was like that dont know when it stops but it do change you think about them differently some how. I still think about them 50% of the time but I dont want one just think I got over active brain my mind is my worse enemy I think to much hehe.

    eep up the fab work your doing great. Linda

  • good job Karen,

    The urges will get easier and being rationale sure does help and makes ya realize you don't want to start over.


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