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No Smoking Day
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DAY 3. I've only ever reached day 3 once before and that time I made an excuse to have a cigarette because I was drinking alcohol and it ruined it for me.

With that previous knowledge i'm not going to make the same mistake again. I feel great, its 12.14 and I haven't put my patch on yet, I better hurry up and do it soon =]

I feel determined now more than ever. Reading articles like this keep me determined.

Good luck to everyone, if you're still with us you're doing great - hope you all feel positive yet crap like me! It's a good sign...

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WEll done Eathen on day 3 The first week is always the hardest but once you are over that things get a lot better. Keep up the good work your doing great Linda


Well done Ethan!

Your whole attitude on this quit sounds very different from last time! I am sure you'll get through it this time.

Amazing star that you are :D xxxx


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