No Smoking Day

quit at 72

Hi guys

just wanted to share this little story with you.

I play crown green bowling a fantastic sport because you are not allowed to smoke on the green.

Anyway this chap on our team is 72 and as been smoking for nearly 60 years,smoking woodbines and park drive some of the hard stuff, due to health reasons he was told to quit.he is now on week 10 after using patches,i think its fantastic after all them years smoking he as managed to quit, its never to late to quit.

And by the way bowling is not an old mans game anymore, lol. :) im only 40


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Hi roy

Thats so cool when you see him give him a BIG THUMBS UP from me

Well done to you too Linda


That is so encouraging to hear Roy. I have been smoking 24yrs and to hear that

someone has quit after puffing away for 60 years gives me extra resolve to STAY QUIT this time. Totally off the subject Roy Could you tell me what withdrawal symtoms I can expect using Zyban (I remember you saying that you'd used it b4 to quit. Thanks in advance.

Karen:) :)


Hi karen

i suffered from dry mouth, heart was always racing, lack of sleep, but when i did sleep always dreaming, and fags did'nt taste nice at all when i first started taking zyban, but i can honastly say zyban did work, but when i came of the drug half way through the course i started smoking again my own fault should of kept taking them but it was the wrong time of my life to quit. i hope it works for you karen.

good luck and take care.



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