No Smoking Day


hi everyone

day 44, feeling good when i packed up 44 days ago i still had 15 ciggies sitting on shelf in my kitchen knowing they was there helped me stop i just could'nt throw them away, knowing that if i wanted one they was there helped me ,but they have finally been binned it felt so good getting rid. i hope everyone else is doing ok and being stronge :o

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Way 2 go Alison:D :D I bet you feel so much healthier now. It is stories like yours that strengthens my resolve to quit. (even though its not till Sat) I want to be able to enjoy being a non smoker and it seems you are proof it CAN be done.




Hi Alison 44 days is brill! I don't know how you had them in the house - I couldn't have done it but I do know people that it worked for - obviously you too!! Well done you should feel real happy:)

Loopy XX


Well done alison!

Glad you binned the cigs! even if you never even quit and smoked 44 day old cigs, man that would slice your throat up! hehehe bet there was a nice layer of dust sitting on them too!

Well done miss non smoker :D

~ x X x X x ~


Hi Alison Good on you!! you should be really proud of yourself keep being strong its not long before we are out of month 2 and into month 3 :D Sue


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