8 weeks

Morning All

Well 8 weeks for me last night. Still dont know how I got this far but am very pleased with myself. On the 14 of this month I have done two whole months. Still think of them 50% of my time but nothing like at the start or the same way. It is lovely to see all the newbie joining. Our family is growing so fast.Well the day has come I am in court today this afternoon for that waitness thing and really shittttting my self will let you know how it went. Hope everyone is doing great. Lots of Love Linda

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  • Well Done on 8 weeks! time flies! so glad to have all my new friends here x what a bonus to find this site while quitting x

    All my very best of love and luck for the witness doobrey at courthouse today x thinking of you x


    ~ x X x X x ~

  • Good to hear you're doing so well!

    Best of luck today linda.

  • well done linda im catching up to you

  • Hi all Hope everyone is well today. Every thing went ok yesterday its all over with now. Sons girlfriend rang me earlyer to my son is really not well but I cant get hold of him bet hes drunk somewhere. So i will have to wait till she finishes work see if she can find him. Thank you all for your support over the last few days thats all I am doing is moaning. Something overy day here its a mad house dont need t.v. hehe Hope your all well anyway Love Linda

  • Glad you got that out of the way! If you have got through this much without smoking aint nothing gonna start you again now!!


    Well Done and look after yourself

    ~ x X x X x ~

  • Morning Buffy

    I know cant get over it myself how I am still smoke free but I have not had one puff. But almost give in lots of times could eat them some times hehe. Your doing really well 72 days bet you feel really proud of your self. YOU SHOULD. Do you know how Boudee is she been on my mind all night. Was up hospital with son last night he is getting really bad drank litre and half of vodka yesterday but you cant talk any sence to him just be there. Going to work now I work cleaning in a school but do peoples houses in the day Love Linda

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