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I smoke Benson & hedges I buy them from a res in idaho. Anyhow sometimes the shop I buy them from is out and I have to a look for different shop .I usually get cartons of stale cigarettes. It pisses me off I have cartons of cigs that I have thrown away because they are stale. Anybody else experience this with there cigarettes? Or am I too finicky? I never heard of anyone else I know that knows the taste difference from fresh and stale cigs but also when there stale seems to be if you have a soft pack if you squeeze it and it feels like crackers crunching there stale. Too me stale cigs taste terrible.

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  • Too me stale cigs taste terrible.

    Surefire way of avoiding stale cigarettes is to quit entirely. This method works anywhere in the world, anytime of the day. Studies have shown that those who do not smoke have a 0% chance of encountering stale cigarettes.

  • I smoke

    Good for you. Don't let the door hit your arse on the way out.

  • Only stale B&H i got was in India...they were counterfiet smokes...factory sweepings. Counterfiet smokes are getting more common world wide, they often contail very high tar levels and extra toxic goodies.

    Best way to avoid is as mentioned before quit:)

  • I hate stale cigarettes. We get our cigarettes They're always fresh. We also normally get enough with each shipment to last a month. And keep excess in a dry place where they're guaranteed to stay fresh.

  • I agree Radman. In fact I strongly believe that the link above sells illegal and dangerous fake cigarettes as this is becoming more prevalent on the internet.

  • i have never laughed so much

    oh my god cant believe wot ive just read - surely it isnt people advertising fags on this forum - oh dear how desperate!!! - just like to say nicorette gum in boots is cheaper & just as effective as the deare brands-& also like to say ive been avoiding this board since my fag time trip - but the words of advice made me feel so special - i havent tripped again just that fateful weekend so i am back on my trail of non smoking & the thought of fags makes me want to VOMIT!!!!

  • Just to add to kitkat72's post. Boots are now selling nicorette gum buy 1 get 2nd half price! Well cheap! (as my 13yr old daughter would say) not that she smokes though!!!!


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