No Smoking Day

Finally i'm in the "month" groups :)

Hi, I have reached "my personal" final smoking stage!

I mean, I have reaced the final level however I can say this, hee hee.

I do not love cigarettes and I do not hate them (though I hate the awful smell, ew!) I have made peace with them, cigarettes are now "neutral" to me like before though I had experience with them.

I used an nicotine inhalator(spelling?) on the first day plus I bought the gum and the patch but I never used either of them (dunno what to do with it now :D) because I was just going the hard way (which is feeling suicidal for the first 3 days and then slowly starting too feel better, hehe :p )

This is piece from the song Alright with Supergrass

We are young, we run green,

Keep our teeth, nice and clean,

See our friends, see the sights, feel alright,

We wake up, we go out, smoke a fag,

Put it out, see our friends,

See the sights, feel alright,

well, they aint going to have nice and clean teeth if the smoke and you do not feel alright when you smoke.

And heres a piece from the song Lost in Hollywood with System of a down

I was standing on the wall,

Feeling ten feet tall,

All you maggots smoking fags on Santa Monica Boulevard,

This is my front page,

This is my new age,

(Doesent make sense to me but posted it anyway)

BTW, have you seen that film Paparazzi? It's obviously trying to sell cigarettes to your subliminal conscience(spelling?) the main character is called BO LARAMIE and they made it clear with words and letters that he lives in MALIBU

Malibu and Bo kinda remind of Marlboro cigarettes and Laramie used to be a brand but they only sell cigarette paper now.

I have studied advertisement in a course in my school, I know how to spot the subliminal advertisements and there are tons of them for cigarettes, the cigarette producers are everywhere trying to make us think it's hip, cool, great and comfortable to smoke.

I also have this theory that most movies that have their characters saying "Smoking will kill you" or anything similar are the ones that turned the cigarette companies down.

BTW, fun fact, in the movie "Thank you for smoking" you never see anyone smoke.

BAHHH!!! I've written more then enough, I'm out... bye bye.

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Congratulations on hitting the "month" forums, I think we all recognize that moving onto the "month" forum means you are a serious quitter :)

Hmm, what to do with extra patch's and gum... I don't think they take returns on things like that, and the strength of the items is too great for you after a month to use for an emergency. If you really want some good karma convince a friend (or a stranger) to quit smoking and offer them those products as an extra incentive. Make sure you tell them that you have just quit as well :)

Keep up the quitting :)

As far as smoking in movies, i think "Constantine" (if thats how you spell it) takes the cake. That guy smokes like a champion, and then has the cancer removed by God (or something like that).


Well 1 month and a habit is made or broken so you have achieved a great deal!!

Well Done x x x x

Gonna have 'feel all right', 'supergrass' stuck in my bloody head all night now :mad:

The posts on advertising are cool! great obs sounds like a cool course!

Watch out for the over confident slap in the face, some people experience at around 6-8 weeks lol that kinda hurts!

~ x X x X x ~


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