No Smoking Day

Feeling much better

Hi All just come back from the court had to make a statment may not need me but if they do it will be next wednesday. Feeling much better than the start of the week. Hope this weekend is better than last. My grand daughter

comes over tonight to stay I look forward to that she is mad 8 going on 18.

Havent seen my eldest since last sunday morning when I dropped him off pissssssed getting a bit worried now HEHE Hope you all have a lovely sunny weekend Love to you all Linda

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Glad your feeling betterer :D

Well the court thing is out of your hands so not worth worrying about too much, if you got to go, you got to go, nowt you can do about it!

Glad your looking forward to your granddaughter time x x x x she is the same age as my eldest daughter, she's going on 18 too! right little mum lol

I expect your eldest is feeling a little ashamed and on a right bender :rolleyes: he always comes back tail between his legs. Then maybe he'll want to try n quit again :) try not to worry too much, enjoy the breather from it all!

~ No news is good news! ~

~ x X x X x ~


There may be periods of time where we fail to call (sometime long ones!), but son's ALWAYS call their mother eventually :)

*Sigh* - I need to go call my mother...



So very glad you're feeling better - have a good weekend:)



I have had phone call from my son he is ok been trying to get back on the wagon he didnt say how hes doing so I didnt ask.

What you think my partner is on day 31 today and as gone and had a rolly

hes put patch back on now and has gone to work so dont really know how he is feeling think we are going out tonight first time since my 50th birthday in jan 4 months now. But we have a no smoking ban in swansea now so should be ok just hope my hangover isnt to bad (I have really bad ones) Hope your all having good weekend Linda


Hope you had a great time!!

You bloody well deserve it! hehe hope the hangover not too bad:rolleyes:

Hope hubby managed to get back on track, bonus if your son can get back wagon too!

~ x X x X x ~


Hi Buffy No hangover Cant beleive it didnt get to drunk went for curry after ( my fav food) and need the fat cos i am skinny haha

Partner is back on track havent bothered since. But son was drunker than normal yesterday if thats pos HAHA never mind all good things come to him who waits you just get tired of waiting sometimes hehe. Hope your week end is going well no work for me 2moro GOOD Linda


Lol i love a ruby my self :D

Shame about your beloved son x tis a waiting game x hope he shines through in the end.

Just got to focus on yourself and make things happen for you xx enjoy the bank holiday.

I have had a nice peaceful one at home with my other half while the older 4 went to their dads :D

~ x X x X x ~


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