No Smoking Day

Second day-- Phew, this sucks!

Hi all.

I'm on my second day of quitting and it's been 48 hours since my last smoke. This is the third or fourth time I've tried to quit, but I've never made it past 12 hours before :) This is the first time I've used NRT, in this case, patches.

I'm quite pleased with myself, but my head feels rough as anything and I've got a real 'tar' flavour going on right now. The cravings are just about bearable and I haven't considered buying a pack yet. Smoked 20 a day for about 14 years so it's not surprising that this is tough I guess :)

It's funny though-- I almost find myself trying to anger people enough that they get pissed off so I can have a cigarette and blame it on them. It's funny what you'll do. I'm determined this time-- When this fascist smoke-free law comes into play I'm going to be on the good side of the law.

Just looking forward to being a non-smoker instead of a reluctant quitter :)

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Welcome Pj

Well done so far on your quit. I am on patches myself do make it a little easyer just take it one day at a time even one hour if you need to it will get better. Its not easy but its worth it. I am on day 50 but was smoking for 32 years and in the end on 40 a day so it can be done and you cant blame anyone else if you do smoke only you can choose.Good luck to you anyway keep coming on here you will have great support Linda


Welcome p-j,

Well Done on the quit! A few tough hours are well worth becoming a non smoker!

Be strong and keep it up!

we're here right behind you,

every step of the way.

~ x X x X x ~


PJ are you doing it with a stop smoking clinic? If not consider it. Chemists now have them! You save a fortune on buying the patches, mine is one charge for a 4 week period so its cheaper than a doctors perscription charge.

Also if the patches are effecting you they can advise. Maybe try something else like gum?

With the winding people up. I so get that. I dont do that but i look for any little excuse. I know i can get my partner to give me a fag and last night i pulled one almighty strop demandng a cigeratte and claiming "it was always my plan to smoke at night in the first week, then cut that to none in the second week".

Total rubbish!


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