No Smoking Day

got to do it

hi i havn't been on here for a while i stop smoking for a couple of days then a problem comes along and the first thing i do i get some cigs i know smoking does not help the problem i don't go out much i have panic attacks so the only place for me to smoke is at home iam going to stop smoking tonight i feel i can do this and i know i will feel better for stopping i read how well you are all doing and i think its great any way tomorrow is the day i will stop marg

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Hi Marg hope you have a go at stopping again maybe there is some other way you havent tried which can help you, everyone is different. I have had to have nicotine replacement I dont think I was brave enough to try without it. Whatever you do good luck Sue


Hello marg x

Welcome back :D

you have some quit time under your belt, this is a good start!!

Now you have an idea of what to avoid or to plan ahead.

Think of alternative ways of dealing with situations which would usually have you creeping back to the shop for 'just 10 more' :)

Think of times that you find problematic and plan ahead a solution,

For example:-

[*]something to fiddle with while on the phone, or a doodle pad

[*]Chocolate to eat or cheese depending on taste :) to treat yourself after meals

[*]a quit buddy/supportive friend to call in dire times

[*]Special fruit juices/wines, fruits, paper & paints, books, bath oils, candles etc etc! to your taste, are ideal as daily rewards/stress relievers

Oh! and don't forget us! come post us crazy when times are good or bad, happy or sad!

I know you can do this! we all can!

~ x X x X x ~


Good luck Marg

You can do it when ever you feel like your about to slip just think (I will give it two hours see how I feel) Works for me neally sliped a few time but still here day 50. Come on here you will get great support 2moro is the first day of the rest of your life. Linda


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