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No Smoking Day
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day 31

31 days and feeling good also 5 days of cold turkey ive not used my inhalator, i can say im pleased with myself. When i was on day 10 i told a friend in work that i had stopped smoking shes a smoker her self but she never seemed pleased for me infact she looked disapointed then i thought maybe its because she cant pack up herself, but she has not once asked me how im doing, i have worked with this lady for many years and all ways thought she was a friend. I know if it had of been her that had stopped smoking i would of supported her all the way . i never told any one else in work cos i wanted to wait until i had done 3 months, but i told them today they was all so pleased for me one even got me a card to day well done on it. it's nice to know people care and support you. hope everyone else is doing ok

alison:D ;)

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Hi Alison What a shame your work mate couldnt be happy for you, as you say maybe its because she hasnt been able to it. Some people are like that, if a freind of theirs lost loads of weight after trying for months they would be the one who said " Oh I think you looked better before". At least the rest of them were pleased for you. My freinds are very supportive but Im sure they are getting sick of me running on about how I am without the fags, oh well Ive got the forum and you guys always are there encouraging me. Well done with the cold turkey you should be proud. Sue


Hmmm tis a tad selfish,

But as Boudee says thank god you is you n not her!!

Bet she was reeling today when you got all that praise :D

Good for you, Well Deserved, Well Done!

~ x X x X x ~


Hi Alison. my work mates at school smoke. I still have a fag break with them (dont worry i dont have the fag haha ) Some are very supportive But two Quit With me but give up on the thired and fouth days. One of them now keeps telling me I will never last past six weeks shes not in work this week so next week when she gets back I can tell her I am on week eight. We must just worry about what we feel and you feel great thats all that matters. Hope that all makes sence Linda xx;)


I have a friend like that, just a different type of people. I don't think it means that they appreciate your friendship any less. My buddy gets upset when i don't smoke with him. I have figured out that it has to do with a mix of guilt that they still are and the fact that he misses someone to smoke with. When i smoked with him, it was socially "OK". Honestly, it is simply self centered. However, this does not make me any less of a friend with him, and it makes him no less important to me, it's just part of who he is and i have chosen to be friends with him regardless of that fact (because everyone has some good things to offer as well :) ). If HE decides not to be friends with me over the fact that i don't smoke (which i don't think he will in the end) then thats his loss, and I am ready to move on.

Good Luck! Keep at the quit :)


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