This time

I really think i will quit for good.I quit a little while ago for 8 days but had bad side effects with champix,so i ended up smoking again.This time when the side effects started again and cut the pills in half,taking half mg four times a day.Its now day 10 and now they are in my system i have stopped..Up to now feeling great.Normally by dinner i would have smoked about 15

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  • Congratulations on the first day of the rest of your life!! :D

    Glad the pill split method worked for you.

    We're right behind you,

    Take it hour by hour and keep busy!

    ~ x X x X x ~

  • justintime

    keep it up you are doing really well,


  • Cant wait to get a few days behind me.With all the miserable times i have had trying to quit over the years,this time i am going to try to be happy and excited,looking forward to each day.

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