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Hi Day 20

Hi found this forum from the no smoking day leaflet I have been lurking for a couple of days :o

I quit smoking with my husband on Easter Monday 20 days ago. We have been smoking for 40 odd years, we decided we should stop, so when all our supplies had gone we got rid of everything to do with cigs. As it was Easter Monday we had no patches on Tues I phoned the nurse at the Doc's and she got us a prescription for 5pm that night.

My hubby has been ok on the patches but I haven't first off I had bad dreams, my second day I was having palpitations and dizziness I phoned the help line and he said you shouldn't feel like this get some lower patches. I took the patch off and phoned the nurse she gave me some 14 mg patches I started on them the next day. I was sleeping better but I started getting a very anxious feelings in my stomach so 5 days ago I took the patch off and haven't put one on since. I feel ton's better not feeling anxious and sleeping well.

We are getting out every day and walking mainly along the tow path and feeding the ducks or in the park, we find it best to get out we don't think about cigs while we are out and now we don't think about cigs as much while we are indoors.

I have bought an external DVD re writer for my pc and we have booked a 4 day away coach Holiday in Scotland for May with what we have saved from not smoking.

Good luck to everyone. :D

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Hi suzie!

Sorry you have gone without reply for soooo long!! myself i have been caught up in my sons birthday yesterday n nephews today! hehe it's that time of year in my family! one bday after another!

What a great decision! and to quit with hubby is so great! you have obviously helped each other along the way and really appreciating the smoke free life!

Well Done

~ x X x X x ~

PS hope i make sense and dont offend, dead tired at mo !!


Welcome Suzie

Three weeks today then great. You must feel proud How is Mr Suzie doing Keep going you will get great support on here Linda


Hi Buffy and Linda thanks for the welcomes.

Hope your b/days went well Buffy and nooo you didn't offend.

Mr Suzie is doing great thanks Linda we are keeping each other going.

I have read quite a lot on here and I can see you all give a lot of support looks like a great group to be part of. :)


Phew lol yeah b/days went well and just got my Daughter from yet another bday party!!

Spring is most certainly in the air when all these birthdays start cropping up!!

Like little lambs lol

Glad your both still doing well, it's all ups and downs!

~ x X x X x ~


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