No Smoking Day

Day 25

Hi, I do not feel big difference from day 25 and day 20 which is AWESOME, all the phases I have gone through quitting were so obvious, now the phase I'm going through which is the one where cigarettes are leaving my everyday thoughts. I can now go out to party, take a drive, visit a friend, wash my car, go to school or work without thinking "I used to smoke" "Oh, those were the days I was really happy"

I digged deep inside my head and dug up the memories of the times I used to smoke, I wasn't happier at all, and I didn't just have great times with them! I used to hate myself smoking a fag without eating anything 7:30 in the morning driving to school, that feeling was awful, I remember worrying about that I was increasing my smoking everyday and I thought to myself, "What the hell am I doing" after every other smoke.

>>> When you quit, your brain will want another smoke and a other side of your brain will not, your brain will take actions and make you think of all the fantastic and great sides of smoking, all the good times, completely blocking out the reason you quit and all the knowledge you know about how dangerous it is! <<<

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Hi Valberg Nice post gives me something to think about. Well done


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