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Start of week 7


Hi Everyone hope you are all doing well

Today is the start of my seventh week feeling fine. A few things going on in my world. Think my son is back on the drink and he only came out of hospital last friday. Hope I am wrong But I dont think I am. Something up with my car. (need it for work) and to top it all got bad pain in my back feels like my lung. Going to doctor at 3 oclock before going back to work. BUT I AM NOT GOING TO SMOKE TODAY. Sorry about the moaning but needed to tell someone. Love to you all Linda

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Week 7!

Oh Linda

[*]Think my son is back on the drink and he only came out of hospital last friday. Hope I am wrong But I dont think I am.

[INDENT]Was he admitted following the Fit thing? I didn't realise he was in hospital, I been away guess that's why. Before I went away he had been off booze for about a week then had a fit.

Poo, it's so hard for you both x x [/INDENT]

[*]Very good Luck at the doctors x x I do hope you are looking after yourself! If you don't put yourself first, your strengths for helping those around you will weaken.

[*]And the car! pah nice bit of icing to top the cake! I hope that doesn't cost you an arm and a leg!

But Lindas' still not smoking! so it aint all bad x x

Don't apologise about moaning here! how very dare you! :p thats what we are here for!

I won't forget were you are when I need to vent x x

Keep strong, take care of YOU!

~ x X x X x ~

Thanks Buffy

Docs was ok he thinks maybe I pulled something so thats cool.

My youngest son is a machanic so he is going to have a look for me tonight so hopefully it will not be nothing to big cos hes just got new house and is doing it up but hes good as gold. I just dont know what to say about my oldest just hope for the best all anyone can do I tryed every thing else over the years. Wheres that Boudee gone again bet shes on the raz lucky thing could do with a good p..... up myself HAHA thanks again Buf Love Linda

good so glad its kinda coming together x x

ok ok my god, life is not easy, i withdrew post here cos it did not suit, then heindsight did it?

this is the post,

i look after my nephew, my sis cant have children he is her first ivf , so anyway he 3 years old at week end, she just got two more fertilised eggs planted inside, on sunday, ok , my daughter has just started showing signs of chicken pox. Gutted, we dont know from our childhood if she (my sister) has had chicken pox.

HI Buffy

Loverly news about your sister. I dont think chicken pox is dangerous

to her is it, think its only measles not very sure but my sister is having baby in september and her children has just had it and now its going round the rest of the family. Hope every thing will be ok maybe you should give doctor ring to put your mind at rest. Linda

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