No Smoking Day

day 23

hi everyone

day 23 still in a pretty good mood, but keep thinking about when i get to the 12 weeks what if i cant come off the inhalator, i dont know why im stressing about this now i know its still early days for me yet but i am a bit of a panicker even though ive been in a good mood for a couple of days i feel really tired, hope everyone

else is doing ok :)


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Hi Alison Im on same day as you. Im doing ok I think but I have been thinking about how I will be when the nurse reduces my patches, I guess Im just gonna have to cross that bridge when I come to it. Every day I havent smoked is one more day of success for me and you should be proud EVERY DAY. Sat night I really had a hard time I actually sat and cried because I was frustrated and sick of trying to stay off the fags but I didnt smoke and a good cry always sorts me out. Im off to see my doctor Fri and it will be the first time for more than 1year that I have gone to him to talk about either chest problems or sinus problems. I cant wait to tell him Im nearly 4weeks without smoking. So what I think Im trying to say is just concentrate on TODAY its too scary to look at the bigger picture just yet, well it is for me anyway Good Luck with the rest of the day Sue xx


Well done you two

I know how you both feel I was thinking how will I manage without patches 6 weeks for me tonight. and was thinking when will I think I am a non smoker instead of a smoker trying to quit. But I better just try and think of today. off to work now Love to everyone Linda


Hey all

My name is Jeff. I'm new here i'm 23.. and i'm also on my 23rd of going cold turkey. I hope to find support here on quitting smoking so far it's been easy , no cravings at all..


Hi Jeff and Welcome

YOu will find all the support you need and will find yourself supporting other people. Good bunch of people here thats for sure! They have been a Godsend to me and when I thought I would want a cigarette I would think of Buffy and Linda and Whiteboy on here and that would help 100%. So thanks guys for all your support and affection.



heya jeff xx

23 your lucky number? :D


Welcome to the site and congrats on the quit x x things will be up and down, things will get worse and better. Through all this one thing will steadily improve, your health. so heres to a longer healthier and richer life ~Buffy

Cindy , *Big Hug* thank you :o I am so happy to be here and meet all of you guys x x i feel privileged x x


Hi Jeff

Well done on your quit your doing great already day 24 now almost 4 weeks. You will find fab support on here it has kept me going I know I would not have got this far only wish I had done it when i was 23 So well done and keep up the good work Love Linda xxx


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