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No Smoking Day
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Random Reaction!

Spent last night dreaming of open wounds and incredible itchiness turns out I wake up to find myself head to foot in some wild rash!!

Went to the doctors, I am soooooooooo itchy and irritable from my scalp to my toes it could send me mental!, She says it's a random allergic reaction and prescribed me two types of histamines just hope they kick in soon before I go to pot!!


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I had a dream the other night that i smoked, but i didn't smoke in my sleep (or when i woke up). It's funny that in my dream smoking was actually an enjoyable experience, I was afraid to smoke, thought it would be horrible, then i enjoyed it.... Then i woke up! First time I have had a dream involving smoking.

Terrible to hear about the allergic reaction, that has to be annoying. My mother always told me..... Don't scratch it!!! :D

Hope you feel better soon.


Dreams about smoking

Apparently dreaming of smoking when giving up is a good sign, because your subconscious is aware that you are no longer smoking.

I had a dream a couple of weeks ago that I smoked a whole fag. I was so disappointed and upset with myself, it felt so real. The relief that it was all a dream was really intense. Which kind of made me realise that I didn't want to smoke.

Buffy, my poor son comes out in terrible allergy rashes quite a bit (hospital can't identify what he is allergic too!). He takes Zertex and we also use a cream called EURAX. It's really effective and works for up to 10 hours.


Hmmm yeah the whole smoking dream thing is a phenominom. It's great that you can smoke and feel the crappyness after without actually going through it!! he he these dream senario posts take a bit of focused reading lol.

Oooh thanks mumshack I will look for the cream when i go out, these prescription histamines (apparently non drowsy but i could kip!) did have some effect quite quickly, as in it's not driving me totally mental now!

but i could use a boost from some cream on the worse areas. Unfortunatly my head is quite bad he he wonder if i could massage cream into my head! lollol

Trying not to itch it thanks jemi lol

Poor Son Mumshack x x I hope he grows out of it, its such an irritating thing it makes me quite snappy and temperamental! I did suffer as a kid I had a gluten intolerance too, think they may of all been related. Guess that all you can do is ease it for him :( hope he stops getting it soon x x

Avoid alcohol with histamines he he No chance :p gonna sleep well tonight!


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