No Smoking Day
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Just checking in- Day 16

Day 16, Wow never thought this 3 wks ago. Mild urges still especially when frustrated or after meals- have to keep telling myself you are not a smoker. But boy oh boy am I a coffee drinker :D I had to switch to 50/50 blend I must be drinking 10-12 cups a day. It actually curbs my appetite to eat the freaking refirigerator bare and keeps my mind off the urges. Also exercising more-- busy busy busy keeps my mind off of it.

It is nice not thinking about it all the time though. I am thinking more of the urges will subside in week 3 and 4.

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Way to go! day 16!

That's something special!

It's funny how with the giving up of smoking other parts of routine change too! it's like an all new you!

Well Done Keep it up! ~xXxXx~


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