No Smoking Day
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Start of Week 3

I'm starting Week 3.

I hate that I can't just have a normal day, every day I have to face 2-4 hours of, gahhhh I'm bored, I wanna smoke!

I usually just take it out on the gym or I just take 30 minutes too stretch a bit.

What is really funny is that I love cigarettes/smoking but hate them more at the same time.

My girlfriend is in this theater at our high school, I know most of the people in the club (this is Iceland everyone knows everyone :D) even though I'm in 1500 people school. They are setting up the Full Monty. Anyways every time they take a break everyone goes to the lobby and have cigarette, those moments are the hardest too beat, those are the ones I want to smoke the most, way, way more than at bars or party's.

Anyways, what I really hate is that I can't just have a normal day, everyday is kind of a fight, I don't want that nor I do not want to get this "Ahhh, I made it this day, I will probably tomorrow" It's just a new fight every day.

NOTE: I never used Nicotine inhalator, patches or gum, never, I just quit and took the pain, I just wanted to get rid of the nicotine from my body as soon as possible.

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