No Smoking Day

hi terrible night sleep day 16

hi everyone

I had a real bad night just could not go to sleep now im up and ready for work i feel like i could just sneak back to bed and stay there all day, my dad passed away 2 weeks before christmas and yesterday would off been his birthday, normally i only have one of my inhlator cartridge but yesterday i had 3 felt a failer anyway day 16 lets hope i can stay awake in work hope everyone else is doing ok

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Hi Alison

Dont think your a failer its hard when its a loved one birthday you should of seen me mothers day. But you never smoked thats the thing He would be proud of you I am sure. Keep up the good work your doing great Linda


You are most definitely not a failure!!!

How can you even think that when you didn't have a cigarette? And how many of us might have given in to Nic at a time like this?

So, you had 3 inhalators! :confused: I would say well done for recognising the fact that you were in desperate need and it was the inhalators that satisfied the need.

Keep up the good work.



Alison, you are not a failure.

A BIG WELL DONE on getting this far!!!:) :)


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