No Smoking Day

Day 2

Hi all

Great site, only found it this afternoon so hopefully this should help the mighty quest off stopping.

I didn't have one cig yesterday, kept busy in the garden and was so proud of myself. Then, I had the worst night sleep ever. Was really hot and sweaty and did not sleep well at all.

Today, day 2 and not too bad so far. Gonna cook a nice meal tonight to keep me occupied.

Well done to all others on day 2. I have tried and failed a few times before but I feel a bit different about it this time. I am sick to death of those white sticks, they are horrible, nasty vile things and they have to go.

Hopefully I will be posting in day 3 tomorrow :-)


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Welcome and the best of luck!


Hi Richard

Wellcome you will get great support on this site we are all here for each other and the same thing. BEAT MR NIC Well done so far Linda


Thanks for the warm welcome :)

Well I can now go promote myself to day 3 woohoo :D


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