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No Smoking Day
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30 days today

Day 30 feeling much better had a bad two days feeling realy down but i knew having a fag would only make me feel MUCH worse. Son drinking again and a few other things didnt help never mind feel much better this morning. How is every one else doing great I hope we will win. Partner is on day 8 he is doing realy well better than me I think HEHE Off to work now back later Love Linda

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Well done Linda, you must be so proud and feel all smug inside!!

Can't wait til i get there!!

When i'm on day 30, you will be on day 63!!!:) :) :)


It was nice to read your post, I was feeling down as well and I appreciated where you said smoking would only make you feel much worse. It helped me put things into perspective for myself, Thanks!

Glad to hear you are getting along OK, I guess it is important to remeber however many *other* problems may come up, starting smoking again would only be yet ANOTHER problem to deal with :)

One of the guys at work today asked why he had not seen me "out back" (where we smoked on break), I explained that I was on day 33 of quitting and his reacation was "Oh, day 33, you have it licked no problem", so according to this dude, we will have no problems from here on out :rolleyes:


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