Day 2- Still going

Wow this anxiety really sucks. I have been a nervous nellie quite a bit. Dont really have the urge-- Have had minor urges that pass and that thought of where did i put them smokes until it hits me you dont smoke.

But the anxiety is making me crazy :eek: - even at work where I never smoked. I guess it is the withdrawal they talk of. The wierdest part is I guess I have done a good job of tricking my brain because really I dont want one. I just want the anxiety gone.

Anxiety seems to come and go. Right now it is here-- hopefully soon it will go.

3 hours left and 48hrs is complete.:D

3 Replies

  • Indeed You have done well there!

    To separate the anxiety from smoking!

    Onwards and upwards to day 3

    Well done ~xXx~

  • Well done to you the first day or two are the hardest but it do get better. my parner is on day 3 today he is doing well. I am on day 24 and in a way I can see now how better I am so things do get better Well done keep up the good work linda

  • B4FL

    Are you still with us? You seem to be one of the most recent to quit but can't see you on later posts??

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