No Smoking Day

Think I have made it to day three....or have I?

I think I am on day four now but I am posting this as day three because I feel I have to repeat a day after smoking last night when drunk. Does anyone have any advice of how to not smoke after a few drinks? I am really strong about it during the day and actually am managing fine on will power alone but when I have a glass of wine in my hand a cig seems a natural partner.

Anyway am still trying to be strong and not few last nights few as a failed attempt over all.

Should I just avoid alcohol until I am a fully fledged non smoker? Advice pleassssssseeeee

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Hello Elaine and welcome x x

I would try and avoid it for the first week or so, I look at my wine as a treat for not smoking now too!

Otherwise, snacks to go with the wine help, bombay mix, nuts cheese etc.

Just try and stay focused on the not smoking thing as we know alcohol trivialises everything!

I would probably take it as day 4 given that not 1 whole day was messed up :D but i like praise better than punishment x x x x

Well Done on taking the decision to quit!


Hi Elaine

I am very weak when I have had too much to drink so I am still avoiding heavy drinking still even after 11 weeks - it just isn't worth it.

It won't be forever so just hold fire on too much wine until you are stronger.

Good luck;)


Ruby, wheres your sponsor link gone?! I for one want to add to it, just cant till i return from my holiday, am sure others will want to too, and i can add yours to my sig too if you want :D it's a great cause want as many links to your page as possible x x Keep it on your sig!! x x


11 weeks! That is a long time but I think it maybe the best option. Thanks for the advice it is always helpful to talk to people who have actually done it, as appose to my non smoking husband and smoking friends. (although both are pretty supportive) Will let you know how I get on. Has anyone tried using NRT when drinking, or knows if this helps?


I have used NRT and drank and heavily too!! no problems there at all, for me. I have slipped up before on drinking heavily. but moderate drinking I am fine so I just steer clear of getting totalled lol

You'll have to try your own ways, remember, mistakes are to be learned from its illimination process! so these small slips are just a sign that 'That didn't work for me!' brush off your hands and carry on and don't repeat the things you learned yourself didn't work!!

Good luck x


I find that keeping on a patch and taking out an incredible amount of nicotine gum with you works!

Every time you want a cig chew the gum. After a couple of hours doing this i found i forgot all about smoking for the rest of the night!

(or avoid going out if it does not work first tiem round - the first time you go out without smoking though is a great acheivement and you will feel so proud and want to tell the whole world - so maybe remember this feeling before you light up & that might get you through the night!)

Good luck

Rachie B


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