No Smoking Day

Day 12

:mad: I have had the worst three days - they've been harder than my first three days... *bites kuckels*

The cravings have got so bad, I've just waited for him to go to sleep for over an hour, and I pinched a fag from him :o so I've come down stairs and made a coffee, but I just can't bring myself to light it up!!! *phew*

I'm gonna drink this coffee and go to bed...

so remember peeps - no matter how strong the cravings get - you REALLY DON'T want one!!!

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Funnily enough i had such a bad moment earlier, if he had left one in the drawer i bloody would of!!! hehe now he's home, stinking of smoke :D he's crashed out

i know there's fags in his pocket and it doesn't bother me again now :D how cool is that?! it does hit hard but it does go away by its self too x x x x

Well done for resisting the temptation!! :D


Cool Seren, links working again *phew* thought i had killed it lol

I added it to my sig too, more links floating around the better i thought :D

Cheers Boudee x indeed it is tough knowing theres fags right there! and even worse! smelling them :mad: it's amazing how the whole flat seems to fill with the smell even though he smokes in the kitchen by an open window!

nonsmoker still got smelly house grrrrrrrr

EDIT> I just caught your typo Seren, for some reason it really tickled me :D Kuckels hehe i love that word, sounds like a giggly cuddle.


good for you Seren, that is brilliant, to resist that urge, to actually have it in your hand ready to light and stopping yourself.

Fabulous - you should we well proud x:)


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