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the thought of a fag seems so nice!!!!

hello again would just like to say that Suddenly my urges are dampening (8weeks n 2half days) but at certain times a big craving can come from nowhere and it is like "i want a fag so much !!! "im finding that im getting used to not smoking only by using gum(fantastic stuff) but at the same time i miss smoking terribly sometimes i understand i probably will always want a fag probably forever but does anyone know how long it takes to be completely comfortable not to be that bothered? is it when i start to hate smokers? coz at the moment i dont hate other smokers i envy them

Help?? (had no slip ups yet!!!)(

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hi :D

OK don't slip,

The hard cravings are mostly anxiety, they are so strong you think a cig will make them go away! but they won't

You will feel more horrible if you do smoke.

Also about 3-6 months you will be fine

keep going with the gum

Good on ya for being on 8 weeks!!!!!!



Yes! what they both just said :p

Also don't feel alone in feeling like this, there are posts like yours most days! some of them had that ciggie following the urge and it's not helped one little bit! if anything it's worse now.

The novelty has warn off as you have succeeded for so long now! your forgetting how you felt before.

How hard was it giving up? and yes it was me lol who said remember how you felt as a smoker when you couldn't get to the shops for smokes? or waking up in the morning to no smokes? how does the feelings you have now compare to that? you know now it passes, before it just took over untill you had that smoke!

remember how proud you are and an inspiration to others ;)

i really feel the same with the fags i have done nearly 6weeks - i was a total total addict like when ive told people ive quit its been like a "no way" response - i dont want to sound smug but i can relate to day 3 for me that was my crack point where i really wanted a fag the most the cravings where tough - im using the nicorette gum and still found it bad that 3rd day- i cried a lot - shouted a lot and could have very easily give in and bought some but kept thinking to keep going for 1 week and just see - and i can promise that after a week feelings change - just say ill give a week n if no different im gonna buy some fags -you will feel different just dont go the pub ive not been out yet coz i know that would be my weakness until i get stronger - my only fear now is getting addicted to the gum?hope ive inspired people maybe?

Want to go through all that again?! It's time you rewarded yourself for being a non-smoker again, go grab the cash for ash jar and spend spend spend! notice those other shoppers looking ashen like Boudee said and see how they rush buy so they can get out of the shop!

<wrong browser no emoticons here sorry>

'Big hug' Buffy x

Stay strong, Well done on 2 months :D, w00t WooT w00t!


Be Strong!

Remind yourself EVERY DAY why you gave up smoking. Yes I agree seeing people smoke looks so nice (even on tv) but I try to remind myself of how much it is costing me, my clothes stink, my breath stinks, my hair stinks, my taste buds have died..... the list is endless...

Now think of the reasons why you want to smoke... hhhmmmm not any is there?!

You have done so well doing 8 weeks, there are going to be times when we are all going to be feeling like you are feeling, but we MUST FIGHT that urge and beat this addiction.

Please don't throw away 8 weeks of hard work just for that 1 fag... it will taste like shite and you will be so disappointed at coming so far and letting Mr Nicotine win.... we are all here with you.... be strong!!!


Thanks for all the great thought

Thanks so much for these messages of hope they mean so much to me - its is true to say that the novelty as wore off and that friends and family would be shocked if i suddenly started smoking again!!! (which i havent yeah) in fact only the odd person asks me now hows it going so the praise thing as gone now!!! to be honest its saving cash hasnt really been something i have been able to do - sounds shameful but moneys been so tight recently that i was funding my fags with credit cards(embarrasing i know) so i can breathe a sigh of relief that my credit card isnt used hardly now and that is the satisfaction i get from the money side of things - I would also like to say i could only think of one single reason for smoking!!! just the sensation of taking a drag - and i that is the only reason then im better off without them(yeah having a strong moment) i did resort to smoking a drinking straw at a party last week!!!! no other smokers where present it was just coz i was drinking alcohol!!!! - so its 8weeks n 3 days still on the gum - cudnt imagine being without it at this stage - but then again cudnt imagine getting to this stage when i smoked(past tense - feels good) but i honestly dont know how cold turkey can be done the willpower n determination must be top - good luck to u all too - hope we do - ill keep moaningxxx ps yeah just to say i agree with the hassle/inconvenience side if it that fags used to rule my life now maybe and hopefully "Mr nicoteen" lol will take back seat HUGs to u all too (fingers crossed)


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